Questions to Ask a Local Handyman

Are you planning a remodeling or repair project for your home? If so, you should hire a local handyman for the job. They can be a cost-effective way to take care of your home improvement needs. But it is a must that you hire the right one. Hiring one based on service rate alone may lead to substandard results. You should ask the following questions below when contacting a handyman:

Are you licensed and insured?

It is advisable that you work with a qualified handyman. They must have the proper licenses and certifications to provide their services. You should also go for a handyman with liability insurance. You may never know if accidents happen throughout your project. An insured handyman can protect your finances in case of work issues.

Do you work as an individual or as a team?

This question, while not a deal breaker, can be important when hiring a handyman. Some handymen work by themselves. There are others that work as a team or utilize subcontractors. You should be aware of who will work on your project. Be extra careful of solo handymen that bring extra help without informing you ahead of time.

Do you have a work guarantee?

A lot of handymen can say they guarantee quality service. Even so, they must stick to such claim. If ever they made any mistakes, they should fix it for you without hesitation.

May I ask your previous client references?

One way to ascertain a handyman’s professionalism is by contacting previous clients. A reputable handyman should not hesitate to hand you their list of client references. Do contact the latest ones to get the latest opinions of the handyman’s work performance.

Local Handyman

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