The Local Handyman Your Community Trusts and Respects

Based in Tulsa, OK, Dennis The Handyman of Tulsa OK is a family-owned business known for providing an impeccable quality residential handyman service to local property owners. For over 18 years I have proudly been catering to the needs of my clients, assisting them with their various home repair and maintenance projects. Stay on this page to learn more about what makes me the preferred local handyman for customers all around the area.

What Makes Dennis The Handyman of Tulsa OK Stand out from the Local Crowd

I believe in providing every home I enter with an unmatched in quality, affordability, and reliability residential handyman service, regardless of the size or purpose of the project at hand. Whether it is a simple plumbing fix-up, interior or exterior painting job, or a more comprehensive fence repair and floor installation project, I always proceed with the utmost care, and precision, and follow all necessary safety measures to keep your place up to code.


Why Trust Me

I constantly update my tools and skills so I can continue to deliver a first-class service to my beloved community of Tulsa, OK. Residential clients know me as their trusted local handyman due to the strong relationships I establish with them and the quality performance I provide each time.

So next time you notice signs of wear and tear in your home, be sure to call me at (918) 215-3944, and I will handle it all!


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